Top Moving Tips to Remember

Moving to a new home (at least, new to you) is usually an exciting but chaotic time. Here are our top moving tips and mistakes to avoid to help things go smoothly during the moving process.

Moving Tip #1 Don’t Hang on to Stuff

We acquire a lot of “stuff” throughout our lives that we often feel the need to hold on to. For example, most people have items stashed in cupboards and closets that are rarely used or no longer needed.

Instead of packing everything and finding a hiding place for it all at the next home, let go. You may even be able to sell discarded items online through sites like Facebook marketplace, or donate to a local non-profit.

Moving Tip #2 Make Sure to Notify the Right People in Advance

Moving to a new place can seem like a nightmare if there is no electricity or running water. Before you even pack, be sure to contact all the local utilities well in advance of the move and get on their schedule. In addition to regular utilities, don’t forget to contact your future internet provider & trash agencies as well.

Also, get in touch with the post office and fill out a change of address card. This will help get mail diverted to your new location.

Moving Tip #3 Pack for Emergency

Regardless of how much planning you do, mistakes happen. Prepare for the unexpected by packing a small bag with an extra change of clothes and snacks. Also, this is great to have in case you need to spend the night with relatives, or at a hotel, you will already have a bag packed and ready to go.

Moving Tip #4 Change the Locks

If you are handy with tools, changing the locks on the exterior doors is always a good idea.  Since you don’t know who has had access to the home in the past, you really have no clue how many extra keys are floating around to your place. In addition, setting up new locks will give you a little peace of mind and control over who has access to your home.

By following this advice and getting the movers lined up in advance of the big day, you should reduce the stress that comes from moving to a different home.

Still Looking?

No worries! Keep these tips in your back pocket for when you find your dream home. In the meantime, if there’s anything we can do to help such as getting you preapproved, please contact us today. We’d love to assist you on your homebuying journey!