Meet Inlanta’s New CEO, Paul Buege

Leadership is one of the many pillars of success for any company. When you get the right people in the right positions, the impact is felt by every person in every department. That’s why when former CEO, Nick DelTorto, transitioned out of his role, there was one person best suited to lead Inlanta Mortgage into a new era: our very own, Paul Buege. 

Paul Buege joined Inlanta Mortgage in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was then named President and COO in 2018.

As he rose through the ranks within Inlanta’s leadership team, Paul knew Inlanta was different. He could see that the company had the best talent, the best culture, and the best tools and services to offer employees and homebuyers. That’s why he kept working behind the scenes to enhance the company’s strengths, grow the brand and make a positive impact in every community. 

He did that by listening to employees and understanding the support they needed to succeed. That’s what real leaders do — they find ways to support their team, so their employees can not only achieve their goals, but help homebuyers achieve theirs as well. 

That’s exactly what Paul is excited about (and so much more) now that he’s been named President and CEO with Inlanta Mortgage. With his transition complete, where does he plan to lead the company from here? Read our Q&A with Paul for more insight:


“The company has given me a great starting place and has helped me prepare for this role. With a strong working knowledge of what makes Inlanta better and different, and insight where we can expand and grow, I can start immediately with a refreshed mindset. Our company’s metrics have been recognized and valued as industry leading. Our brand is ready to be expanded. We can be bold in our view of the future because we are prepared. It’s truly go-time for Team Inlanta!”

“In a leadership role, it begins with recognizing that you’re only one person. You have to understand how to bring together all the parts, and bring balance into a constantly changing business environment. You have to be solid in offering advice, be a great facilitator, and centered on bringing everyone together in building and growing success. It’s not about being noticed, it’s always been about quietly getting the work done behind the scenes. It’s about serving and not commanding, while also bringing along the best with you in shaping the important decisions. That’s where success comes.”


“It’s everything. Having a trusting, positive culture where every employee understands the difference they make is essential. It’s the foundation of everything we do. Employees must be respected and valued, and they deserve the opportunity to help us direct, manage and grow. Inlanta continues to be rated as one of the best workplaces for employees, and that will always be our goal. We want to be the best choice to start a career or a place to make a career better.”


“Today, Inlanta has significant strengths, a positive brand, profitability, and deep roots with our clients and the many communities where we operate. Our professionals are in demand and referral partners and clients want to work with us because we are one of the best purchase mortgage lenders in our industry. We now have to begin looking at additional ways to utilize data and employ technology integrations to help our professionals adapt to the next normal. My hope is to grow the company, add more originators, and expand our production footprint while delivering the best support to our teams.”

If you want to read more about Paul Buege being named Inlanta Mortgage’s new CEO, check out the official press release announcement.