Testimonials for Appleton Wisconsin Loan Officers

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Our loan officers are dedicated to providing the kind of service that our customers expect and deserve. Here are some great testimonials for Appleton Wisconsin loan officers.

Customer Testimonials for Appleton Wisconsin Loan Officers

Dave Selleck

Branch Manager

“Dave Selleck is a man of his word, inspiring our unwavering trust. This is ultimately the most important quality when seeking refinancing.” – Diana B.

“Dave is the best! He really broke everything down for us first time homebuyers!” – Kevin M.

“Right away there was a level of comfort working with Dave. He added to that by getting us comfortable with the loan process and giving a thorough explanation of how everything from the application to monthly payments work. He worked with us to get the very best loan option available and was very helpful on any questions we had from the application up to the closing. Through the whole process we were never worried, nervous or scared because we knew what to expect each step along the way. Dave made buying a home a breeze from the loan stand point and we couldn’t be happier to have him as our lender.” – Eric and Lindsay

“Dave was fantastic to work with. He answered all our questions, found us the best rate possible and made us feel very comfortable about our decision to refinance.” – Anonymous

James Dovalis

Loan Officer

“Inlanta Mortgage exceeded my expectations for my refinance. I had a couple obstacles to overcome and the broker helped me walk right through them to make the process easy and comfortable. He went above and beyond to find me the best available deal. I would recommend this company to everyone looking for a mortgage!” – Karen M.

“Jim worked diligently to make sure we met our closing date, even after we moved closing up a week. Very happy with Jim as my loan officer!” – Troy S.

Jesse Koch

Loan Officer

“Inlanta goes above and beyond the call of duty. As first time homebuyers we were really concerned with our payment on houses we were interested in. Our realtor was able to call our officer directly and we were able to get an estimated payment on the house we were looking at. They also answered their emails as fast as they could. If it was out of office hours and it was something they knew the answer to, we got an answer right away. If it needed some work, it was the first thing they did when they returned to the office. Inlanta also referred us to a good and cheap house insurance representative that really helped us understand what we needed in that aspect. I would recommend Inlanta to anyone!” – Krissy V.

“Inlanta Mortage went above and beyond our expectations. Our loan officer was very knowledgeable and was there for us day or night. He made sure we understood every form and was able to make buying a home a pleasurable experience. I would definitely use Inlanta Mortgage in the future and recommend their services to everyone.” – Bethany M.

Stacy Leppla

Loan Officer

“Stacy Leppla and Inlanta Mortgage were so easy to work with. I saved money, had all questions answered and everything was explained in terms I could easily understand.” – Saj B.

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Contact a licensed loan originator in Appleton, Wisconsin by calling 920-997-8223 or online at www.inlanta.com/appleton. Testimonials for Appleton Wisconsin loan officers have been published with our borrowers’ permission.

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