Moving to a New Home Checklist

Moving to a new home is often as exciting as it is stressful.

From packing and unpacking your belongings to figuring out the lay of the land, the process can feel overwhelming. However, we believe the stress of the move shouldn’t steal the joy of your new home. That’s why we’ve compiled a list to help you seamlessly transition into your new space.

 Here is your Moving to a New Home Checklist:

  • First, ensure the utilities are up and running. This should be done before moving in, but is sometimes forgotten in the shuffle.
  • Second, locate the fuse box and water valve right away rather than when/if you need it in a dire situation.
  • Next, ensure all smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and have fresh batteries.
  • Then, do a deep clean of the home before you bring in boxes and begin to unpack.
  • Following a deep clean, do a walk-through on each level of the home and child/pet proof as needed.
  • Then, it’s always a good idea to change the locks on the doors. You never know who might have a key.
  • Speaking of change, don’t forget to change your address on any necessary forms/with the U.S. postal service.
  • Also, now is a great time to meet the neighbors! A friendly introduction goes a long way. Knowing your neighbors can help you to learn more about your new community. Plus, it’s always nice to a have someone nearby to rely on to keep an eye on your home.
  • Last, it’s time to get organized and have some fun. Enjoy getting settled, figuring out what will go where and finally, pop the champagne and celebrate the creation of your new home!

We hope this checklist helps ease the stress of moving to a new home. As always, we are here to help with all things “home” and wish you the happiest of memories to come in your new space.