Making Sense of Home Appraisals


What is a Home Appraisal?

A home appraisal is a professional’s unbiased opinion on the value a home. A home appraisal is almost always needed in purchase and sale transactions to determine if a home’s contract price is appropriate. In a refinance, lenders use home appraisals to ensure they are not giving a borrower more money than a home is worth.

Home Appraisal Factors

Many factors go into calculating a home’s value during a home appraisal. Most importantly, recently sold comparable properties, known as or “Comps”, must be considered. Comps should be similar in location, size, style, room count, condition, utility, etc.The theory behind comps is that your home is worth whatever others would be willing to pay for it – and the best way to determine how much people are willing to pay is by discovering how much they’ve paid for similar homes (or comps).

Art of Home Appraisals

Appraisal is part art and part science, and the latter is hard to change. Sometimes, the hardest thing for home owners is to be objective about their own homes. Always realize the appraiser is limited to the true comps available, and those comps will not always support the value you may expect.

To influence the “art” part of the equation, keep your home in good condition. Present your home for appraisal as you would for sale. Prepare written information regarding improvements, and offer an extra copy for your appraiser to keep. Be punctual, courteous and respectful, and your appraiser will the best that can be done.

Questions on Home Appraisals?

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