Labor Day: History and Relaxation

Labor Day: History and Relaxation

Labor Day, or originally referred to as “the workingmen’s holiday”, can first be traced back to a parade in New York City on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882. In a time where working conditions were far from great and employees were fed up, Congress could see tensions rising and moved forward with passing a piece of legislation that made the first Monday of every September a day to recognize workers. The holiday originally included street parades followed by a festival, as well as speeches from prominent speakers. The holiday has since changed in some ways, but the meaning behind it still remains to this day. It is a day to celebrate working men and women and give them a well-deserved break. So, take the time to relax this Labor Day weekend—you’ve earned it.

Need some ideas to unwind? Here are some relaxation tips you can take with you even after Labor Day is done.
1.) Find time in your off-peak times to take a break or vacation
If you know a certain time of year is busier for you, then do not choose that time of year to take off. Instead, consider scheduling time after your busy season to take a vacation.
2.) Disconnect every once in a while
Many people find it hard to disconnect in today’s world, but it can be very fulfilling and destressing to shut your electronics down and live in the moment.
3.) Get regular exercise
Exercise is a proven stress reliever. If you don’t necessarily like regular cardio or weights, try yoga! Yoga is a great way to relax and get a good workout at the same time. When people think of yoga, meditation is something else that can come to mind. Try meditation exercises when you are overly stressed.
4.) Get outside
Fresh air and sunshine are great ways to instantly make your stress melt away. Take a break during the day to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather!
5.) Try Aromatherapy
Believe it or not, some people can greatly reduce stress with aromatherapy. Invest in some essential oils. Try them with a diffuser or simply put some on your wrists. Lavender, rosemary, and clary sage are just three essential oils that are said to help relieve stress.


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