Documents Made Easy – Guest Blog from IDS

We asked Ali Linthorst from IDS, our document management company, to write a guest blog discussing the benefits our mortgage loan customers receive as a result of our partnership with them…

In technology, as in fashion, one size never fits all and everyone has unique needs. In the mortgage industry, we are all very interested in cutting edge mortgage technology and regulatory compliance requirements. In this new era of intensive regulatory oversight, most mortgage lenders are looking for a business partner, not just a technology vendor.

Buying a home is one of the most important investments/purchases most people will make in their lifetimes. Reputable mortgage lenders make sure they are engaging in industry best practices in terms of customer service, compliance, and technological use. This is where your mortgage lender’s doc prep providers come into play. IDS is an industry leader in document technology and preparation and we cater to the exact needs of our mortgage lenders and their borrowers.

There are many things that IDS offers that make the document process a little easier for everyone involved. One feature that has been added and refined throughout the last year is the e-signature options for loan officers and borrowers. Our e-signatures are user friendly and allow for a quick signing process without all the paperwork. Mortgage loan borrowers are also able to go back to their documents using the IDS archive feature and view any documents in their document package, along with the status of their docs. Borrowers can do this during the home buying process and even after they have closed on their home.

With IDS you can rest assured that all your documents are properly managed by your mortgage lender and in compliance with state and federal regulations. IDS provides Inlanta Mortgage and other mortgage lenders access to a highly trained compliance department – so all regulation changes and updates are implemented on time and in the right way. There will never be any second guessing when it comes to your mortgage documents. Lenders and borrowers benefit from IDS’s  exceptional document preparation software.

Buying a house is serious business –  but with the proper tools and partners, experienced mortgage lenders, like Inlanta Mortgage, can make the home buying experience something you will look back on favorably.

Ali Linthorst is the Marketing and Communications Director at IDS, a document preparation company based out of Draper, Utah. Contact Ali for more information about IDS services at or find IDS on the web at

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