Deadline for FHA Borrowers

Many of us rely on low down payment mortgage options when seeking to become a home owner. FHA mortgages, backed by the Federal Housing Administration, are one low down payment mortgage loan option.

Increasing Monthly Insurance Premiums

While the 3.5% minimum down payment option will continue, monthly payments for borrowers who opt for an FHA mortgage will soon be facing higher monthly payments. Why? The FHA is changing its policies and will increase the monthly insurance premium borrowers pay. To avoid this increase in monthly insurance premiums, borrowers must apply for an FHA mortgage loan no later than March 28th and the lender they apply with must obtain a valid case number by March 29th.

If you are considering a home purchase and think the 3.5% down payment option would be your best option – contact a licensed mortgage loan officer as soon as possible so you are not subject to the premium increase in effect beginning April 1st.

Another FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Change

Another policy change that may encourage you to begin your loan application sooner (than later) is the FHA’s decision to make mortgage insurance mandatory for either a minimum of 11 years or the life of the mortgage loan based on the Loan-to-Value (LTV) at the time of the loan closing effective for all case numbers assigned on or after June 3rd. Currently, the insurance fee is dropped once the outstanding balance falls to 78 percent of the home’s value or 5 years from the date when the money was borrowed.

We don’t mean to pressure! We just want those in the market for a new home to realize the cost savings that can be realized by getting an application in before March 28th.

Inlanta Mortgage loan officers can answer your specific questions and help you determine if an FHA mortgage loan is right for you.

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