Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Interest rates have hit historical lows and homes are more affordable than ever before…so are you ready to buy a home? If you have a steady source of income and have been working on a regular basis for the last few years – now may be time. Other questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you generally pay your bills on time?
  • Do you have a limited amount of long term debts (like a car payment)?
  • Do you have money saved for a down payment?
  • Can you afford a mortgage payment every month plus additional costs for taxes and insurance?

If you said yes to most of these questions, you are probably ready. If you said no, you may want to consult with a licensed mortgage professional and see how to better prepare yourself for the home buying process. Inlanta Mortgage is also happy to work with borrowers with less than perfect credit. Contact a licensed mortgage loan officer today for a free mortgage loan consultation.

So You Are Ready – From Renting to Owning

When you purchase a home you are building equity – an investment. Although real estate moves in cycles – over the years real estate has consistently appreciated in value. Homeownership also comes with tax breaks. The mortgage interest you pay is deductible on your tax return.

Owning a home also provides protection from rent increases, the freedom to decorate or remodel (no need to ask the landlord’s permission), and security of knowing you will be in your house long term.

Buy a home and paint the walls any color you want  – because they are your walls!

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