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IMHome Mobile App

Co-branded with your real estate partners, our app allows your buyers to apply and submit paperwork via their mobile devices, keeping you and your realtor informed at each stage of the home-buying process. The app allows you to:

Work From Anywhere

Order pre-qualification letters, pull credit or follow up on borrower calls. Sign in the app from anywhere!

Eliminate The Paper Chase

Your borrowers can securely scan and upload their documents, using nothing more than the app and camera on their mobile device.

Close Loans Faster

The app allows you to close loans up to 20 percent faster, meaning you can sell more, and make more, without devoting more time to your job.

Provide Value to Your Co-Marketing Partners

Co-brand with an unlimited number of referral partners, bringing them the power of the app at no cost to them, helping them sell homes faster.

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Improve your Customer’s Satisfaction

Easily provide buyers with real estimated monthly payments and keep them in the loop with automated milestone updates and alerts when they have documents due.

Total Expert

Amplify your productivity with robust contact and database management tools for every facet of your business. With this tool, you can:

Manage Your Client’s Lifecycle

Automate, deploy, and track your marketing activities to simplify your daily process for producing print and digital marketing assets, while keeping your brand in front of your clients.

Harness the Power of Big Data

Utilize an intelligent system of record that is powered by big data to keep you connected and thriving. Consolidate your leads in one place to reach out with built-in email drip campaigns, web integrations and automation technology.

Inspire Collaboration

Build and nurture your relationships with co-marketers easily by inviting them to collaborate on marketing campaigns within the platform, while maintaining control over which assets, permissions, and functions your share.

Ease Compliance Worries

The system offers compliance management designed for today’s requirements with audit-level tracking and reporting on all marketing and co-marketing activity through one system of record.


A platform built for the future, LendingQB provides you with solutions that help reduce your costs and create loans that are compliant and profitable. LendingQB brings you:

Dramatically Improved Performance

Dramatically improved performance, delivering a more meaningful experience to the people that really matter: your borrowers.

Integrated Loan Solutions

Integrated loan solutions that work hand-in-hand with the IMHome App, Total Expert, Informative Research, and other technology platforms, streamlining the loan process for you and your clients.

Informative Research

A tool to help you streamline the loan process with a straightforward customer service model and progressive solutions through:

Rapid Response

Informative research provides a rapid Credit Rescore that gives you a properly updated score within 3-4 days so you can quickly qualify your customers for a better loan program and increase your bottom line.

Accurate Results

Provides verified FICO® credit scores and records from all the national repositories that are updated at bureau level.


Helps build loyalty by offering rescoring to help give your applicants better rates so you can close the deal.

Complete Updates

Quickly updates any credit records including revolving, installment, public, and collection records and is sent to you in an easy-to-read file that you can access online 24/7.

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