3rd Annual Oconomowoc High School Reality Store


Next week, several loan officers will be joining students from Oconomowoc High School for their 3rd Annual Reality Store.

Oconomowoc High School Reality Store

The Reality Store is a financial simulation that tries to mirror real life scenarios to help students understand what they will experience in their lives in the future. Each student will choose an occupation with a salary, correlating student loan debt, have to pay taxes, buy housing and a vehicle. They will need to keep a check register as they buy their insurance and food by writing real checks for their purchases. Many area businesses, including Inlanta Mortgage, will help create a real life simulation.

Mortgage Needs

Oconomowoc students will need to make important housing decisions during this simulation. Loan officers Patty Napgezek, Jason Grubba and Steven March will be helping kids calculate each student’s debt-to-income ratios and help them determine if they have enough money left after college loans and auto payments to purchase a home.

Preparing Our Youth

Loan officer Patty Napgezek, a former Oconomowoc educator, is extremely honored to be part of the Reality Store program each year. She says the Reality Store really opens the kids eyes to what is in store for them.

“Any time that we can provide students the opportunity to reach beyond the curriculum and experience the “reality” of their future it is priceless,” said Patty Napgezek.

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Giving Our Kids a Dose of Reality

Reality Store

Teaching our young people about personal finance is essential to their long term well-being. Oconomowoc High School administrators understand the need to educate our youth about personal finance and each year organizes its Reality Store Program to give kids a little dose of the reality that awaits them.

The Reality Store

The Reality Store Program walks the kids through decisions that will affect their personal finances such as college, careers, transportation and the decision to purchase or rent a home. This program was designed to engage and maintain the interest of each of the 370 students who participated.

Inlanta Mortgage loan consultants, Patty Napgezek and Kristine Steinbach, were excited to help the students with their personal housing decisions. The women calculated each student’s debt-to-income ratios and helped them determine if they had enough money left after college loans and auto payments to purchase a home. The overall simulation was very realistic.

The Results

Patty Napgezek, a former educator, stated that by providing this little touch of reality, we are essentially opening their eyes to what is in store for them. She said, “Today’s kids want the best of everything…new house, new car, new iPhones. This simulation changed their reality.”

Some students were surprised to learn that what they assumed was affordable and easily attainable – was in many cases not possible. Kristine Steinbach commented, “Many students said they would live with as many friends as possible to save on housing costs…which in theory sounds OK – but is much more difficult in reality. Another student expressed anguish that achieving her dreams was going to  be harder then she anticipated. The student wondered ‘how can I do what I want to do in life’ – since she wanted to be a zoologist she expected low pay, and high student loans where she could barely make a living.” Kristine also said, “By taking time out of my day to help these students realize the importance of a dollar was quite satisfying….I think any help we can give our kids helps shape their financial well-being….this is a good feeling.”

Patty and Kristine are both licensed mortgage loan professionals and have been helping customers with their home financing needs for many years. For further information on the Reality Store program or for home financing advice (including refinancing options), contact Patty Napgezek at 262-490-9050.

Inlanta Mortgage offers Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac agency products, as well as a full suite of jumbo and portfolio programs. The company is fully delegated HUD-FHA including FHA 203K, VA, and USDA approved. Inlanta Mortgage also offers numerous state bond agency programs. Review Inlanta’s mortgage loan programs here.

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