Buying a Home Your Pet Will Love

Giant Dog House


While most avid dog lovers would love to provide this awesome abode for their furry friends – this posh puppy palace isn’t in most of our budgets. Yet, we still love our dogs and want the best for them. Here are some quick house shopping tips for dog lovers.

Tips for Buying a Home Your Pet Will Love:


  • Check with the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) – Not every HOA allows pets and those that do often have restrictions on types, sizes, heights, noise factors, and whether your precious pup can freely roam the premises. The HOA bylaws and applicable pet restrictions can also clue you into your prospective neighbors overall friendliness towards pets.


  • Consider Home Features – Maybe you favor hardwood floors over carpeting or need a conveniently located outdoor faucet for Fido’s frequent baths. While most of these features could be added later – it is a good idea to consider which home features you want immediately and which you would be willing to add yourself later. Other home features to consider include stairs (often difficult for aging pets) and space for your pooch to burn off some energy when it’s not possible for them to get outdoors.


  • Locate Pet Services in the Area – Depending on you and your pet’s specific needs you may want to ensure that a veterinarian, pet food store, doggie day care center, groomer, or pet sitter is conveniently located.


  • Fenced in Yards – If the home doesn’t already sport this essential feature, find out the cost to add a fence and what sort of fencing is allowed by the HOA or other local governing bodies. If there is a fence, ensure the it is in good repair, not too short (for good jumpers), and that all latches and gates function correctly.


  • Check the Street Traffic – If Spot sprinted out the door, you might worry too much if your new home was located on or near a busy thoroughfare.


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