Danger – April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day

Best April Fools Pranks

April Fool’s Day brings out the best in us! Office pranks, practical jokes, hoaxes and more! What’s the best April Fools prank of all time? Do you remember these popular practical jokes?

Taco Bell Buys the Liberty Bell – In 1996, Taco Bell ran an ad saying they were purchasing the Liberty Bell in Philadephia. They announced the new name would be “Taco Liberty Bell”. White House spokeperson was asked about this – and keeping with the spirit of April Fools- said Ford Motor Company had bought the Lincoln Memorial.

Bumper Spaghetti Crop – In 1957, Panorama announced that because of an unusually mild winter and the “virtual disappearance of the spaghetti weevil,” with video footage of a Swiss family pulling pasta off spaghetti trees and placing it into baskets. The show said: “For those who love this dish, there’s nothing like real, home-grown spaghetti.” Hundreds of people were duped into believing that spaghetti grew on trees.

From B & W to Color – Just Add Stockings! – In 1962, a television channel in Sweden tricked viewers into thinking their black and white televisions would become color if they cut up a pair of stockings and taped them over the screen. This hoax had thousands of viewers scrambling to tape stockings to their tv sets.

Today’s Best Pranks (Spoiler Alert!)

The following pranks and practical jokes have been all over the news today.

Google Shuts Down YouTube
White House – Kid President
Twitter Charging for Vowels
Scope Mouthwash – Bacon Flavored
Netflix Adds Zany Categories
U.S Army Training Cats
Virgin Announces Glass Bottomed Plane
Google Nose

Inlanta Celebrates April Fool’s Day

Last year we announced that we were fully delegated to originate mortgages for moon property. Today we announced a dress code policy for our corporate staff in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The ridiculous policy tricked a few people – but for the most part – had everyone chuckling. The policy included the following unbelievable requirements:

  • Suits required..with silk or linen pocket squares.
  • High heeled shoes may not be more than 3.125 inches in height and open toe shoes are expressly forbidden without pedicures. Nail colors must coordinate.
  • Colors that are not allowed by either men or women include: any neon color, chartreuse, magenta, canary yellow, fuchsia, or lime green, as they are seen as offensive.
  • On the fourth Friday of every month, it will be casual business dress day. No skinny jeans, boots, tee shirts, sleeveless blouses, tank tops, leggings, Hawaiian print, or denim of any kind is allowed.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Inlanta Mortgage is proudly celebrating twenty years in business. Learn more about Inlanta’s twenty year history here.

Inlanta Mortgage offers Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac agency products, as well as a full suite of jumbo and portfolio programs. The company is fully delegated HUD-FHA including FHA 203K, VA, and USDA approved. Inlanta Mortgage also offers numerous state bond agency programs. Review Inlanta’s mortgage loan programs here.

Inlanta Mortgage is a multi-state mortgage banker based out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. NMLS# 1016. Inlanta Mortgage is proud to be a recent recipient of a 2012 Top Workplace Award.